About Us

At the beginning of the 20th century

Antonio Tellechea Mutuberria founded the company, “Antonio Tellechea, Forestry and Transportation”.

His area of ​​work / influence was the Irati forest, the second forest mass in Europe, in hardwoods (beech, oak), nestled in Navarra, Spain and La Navarre, France.

From the beginning, the company operated internationally both in the logging, as well as commercialization and transportation, since it worked under the control of the two administrations. The Spanish and French administrations.

The exploitation of forests required a strong planning / investment in logistics, as those were times when there were no roads and the wood had to be removed leaving behind traditional methods. They resorted to resources such as building cable cars, or “almadias” that took advantage of the riverbeds to take the wood to areas where other means were already available.

Ángel Tellechea

in 1977

ángel Tellechea Goyena

Captain of the Merchant Marine, founded the freight forwarder and international transport company, GIMEX S.A. With the firm purpose of offering all kinds of international transport service.

In 1980 GIMEX S.A., began its adventure as a ship owner

Purchasing the vessel, PATRICIA T (former Concordia Glen-77), built in the Swedish city of Uddevalla. Vessel of 13,250 tons of gross registration, general cargo, tramp, managed / operated, under the name of Corporation Link Ocean Carriers (shipowners), Walmar Navigation (line operators) and GIMEX SA as general agents.

The third generation of the family is already working in the company, maintaining the principles on which GIMEX is sustained from the beginning of constancy in the work and quality in the service.